Balancing Brand & Performance Marketing At Scale

  • Background

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  • Visual Language & Image Style

    Achieved premium product positioning through visual styling and beautiful imagery

Illustration Style

Product Shots

Brand Creatives

Website Redesign

The team wanted the premium stature of the product and sophistication to shine through in the web design. We relied on beautiful photography, caching, a clean UI and elegant design to carry the message and to increase the overall site speed.

Load time reduces from

18 Sec to 05 Sec


Website Using Gatsby technology, we improved the overall website to be able to maintain load time and page quality even during high traffic periods such as festive sale campaigns. Improved the placement of certain buttons to improve navigability and conversions. For example changing the “Add to cart” placement

Add to carts increases from

09 % to 22 %

Performance Marketing Goals

a) Launch the brand in the personal care market as a premium brand (b) Help build the sales pipeline to achieve the first year target (c) Establish a digital marketing strategy for the brand for the next 3 years and for new product releases


Google as a channel started by the 3rd week once we started getting some brand searches thanks to the top of the funnel campaignsIn-market campaigns were positioned as middle of the funnel along with Shopping and RLSA

Positive ROAS by the 2nd week


Hero product for the brand was identified across push marketing and high intent marketing Campaigns were started across Amazon for those high intent products.

Other Case Studies

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