One gem of a success story!

  • Background

    BlueStone, a leading fine jewellery brand, was looking to use social media effectively to increase visibility and to become a top-of-the-mind brand. Along with that we were brought in to see if we could scale through paid social as well.

  • Problem

    There was very limited engagement on the page and the strategy warranted a tweak to grow the page.

  • Approach

    Using our blueprint that we have used to build communities such as CureJoy and HomeBliss we built out content maps and calendars and segmented users across the page to bucket them and move them across the funnel to drive higher engagement and reach.

The Impact

  • 1.4Million
  • Million
    Page Following
  • 8%
  • %
    Organic Reach
  • 10%
  • %
    Engagement Rate

Within 4 months we were
the highest-engaged page
in the world of jewelry.

Now, that’s how we made the
brand ‘shine’.

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